Board of Directors

New Hampshire Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Board of Directors 2018-2019

President:  Jenna Schiffelbein
President-Elect: Alicia Armstrong
Immediate Past President: Peggy Connors
Treasurer: Deborah Chulada
Secretary: Ashley Lanoue
Delegate/Parliamentarian: Kate Pfeifle

Professional Development Committee:
Katy-Lynne Magoon Fredette (Chair)
Melissa Groves (Chair-Elect)

Nominating Committee/Awards:
Lisa Garcia (Chair)
Cynthia Tansek-Carroll (Chair-Elect)
Jessica McSheffrey

Public Policy: 
Stephanie Chmielecki (Coordinator)
Jan Greer-Carney (Consumer Protection Coordinator)
Della Flanagan (Reimbursement Representative)
Michelle Moreau (State Regulatory Specialist)
Sue St. Martin (State Regulatory Representative)

Ann Petersson (Chair)
Becca Story

Bylaws Chair: Andrea Jackson

Public Relations/Media Committee: 
Katrina Parsons (Social Media)
Theresa Kuchinos (Social Media)
Jennifer Messer (Email communications)
Lisa Garcia (Webmaster)

AND Foundation Committee: 
Maureen Brown
Cynthia Lubrano
Rebecca Normandeau

Teller : Linda Healy

Student Representative: Position Available