A message from NHAND’s president


We are now several months into 2021, and I hope this year is being good to you.

One year into this pandemic, we have endured many changes. Some good things have come out of the pandemic. Dietitians got approved for telehealth visits. That probably would not have occurred so quickly if not for the necessity. Our virtual conferencing skills have improved tremendously. Although I still a fan of in-person meetings, I do think virtual meeting will continue. It provides access for more people to participate, and that is always good. I think it demonstrates that we are skilled at navigating obstacles! It also highlights how resilient we are as a profession.

Even the most horrible events have resulted in positive things. The brutal killing of George Floyd has resulted in our profession taking action to address racism and cultural bias, both conscious and unconscious. It has caused us to look at “white privilege.” I hope you will avail yourself of one of many educational opportunities out there on this topic. I am an equal partner in an interracial marriage and didn’t feel I had any need for the education, but the reality is, I learned a lot. I learned about my unconscious biases. It was enlightening.

Despite the challenges, your NHAND Board has been working tirelessly on your behalf. The Professional Development Committee has offered three outstanding virtual seminars so far. If you missed them, access them by clicking here. The Public Policy Committee has been working at the national and local level. Action Alerts have been going out to you. I hope you are taking the 30 seconds it takes to do them. Our Foundation Committee has been working to keep our NH scholarship going.

Please, let me hear from you if you have ideas or want to become more involved in your professional organization. And remember, you are what you eat!

Yours in good eating,
Jan Greer-Carney
President NHAND