NHAND Members Advocate for Medical Nutrition Therapy Act at Senator Shaheen’s Snowflake Reception

We are excited to share with you the latest news from our advocacy efforts, as Michelle Moreau, Consumer Protection Coordinator & Nutrition Services Payment Specialist, and Jen Messer, NHAND President-Elect, recently had the opportunity to attend Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s Snowflake reception. The event provided a platform for us to engage directly with Senator Shaheen and her family, advocating for critical healthcare legislation, including the Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Act.

During their time at the reception, they had the privilege of conversing with Senator Shaheen’s daughter, Stephanie, who shared insights into her business venture, Good Measure Meals. Stephanie’s is hoping to integrate medically tailored meals. Stephanie’s integration of Registered Dietitians and Diabetes Education and Care Specialists into her business model further emphasized the significance of nutrition in promoting health and well-being. Inspired by Stephanie’s efforts, we discussed the importance of supporting initiatives like the MNT Act, which aims to expand Medicare Part B coverage for Medical Nutrition Therapy as well as legislation in NH requiring insurance coverage for Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs), aligning with NHAND’s priorities.

Our conversation with Senator Shaheen was equally impactful. We expressed our gratitude for her dedication to advancing healthcare legislation in her co-sponsorship of TROA and highlighted the importance of the MNT Act in promoting the well-being and health of older adults not just in New Hampshire but throughout the entire nation. Feel free to follow up with a letter to her offices and ask your clients to do the same!


In addition to our advocacy for the MNT Act, we engaged with a Gubernatorial candidate who expressed support for addressing concerns regarding state licensure and the Office of Professional Licensure.

Overall, our participation in Senator Shaheen’s Snowflake reception was a testament to the power of advocacy and collaboration. By advocating for critical healthcare legislation like the MNT Act, we are working towards ensuring access and equity to essential nutrition services.

We’re always looking for great people to participate in our association. If you want to get involved in these important issues consider joining the NHAND team. Just contact us https://eatrightnh.org/contact/

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