URGENT: Call or e-mail your local legislator about HB 1678

The Farm to School Bill needs more support from legislators to pass, particularly from rural areas where agriculture has an important presence. Please contact your legislators and ask them to vote in favor of HB 1678.

You can find your local legislators here: https://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/

  1. Click on the map or search for your town.
  2. Click on the representative’s name or names as there are usually many reps from the same communities and that will take you to their House Member page (s).
  3. On their page, their e-mail and maybe a phone number are listed.
  4. Contact them and copy and paste any of these messages into an e-mail or use in a phone conversation or create your own message.

*You can also share the stories of impact storybook in an e-mail. 

  1. HB 1678 is a win-win-win. A win for farmers, a win for students and a win for the economy. This pilot incentive program will invest $420,000 into the NH economy by incentivizing local food purchases by schools. Schools will spend $420,000 Federal dollars locally and be reimbursed by the state $140,000 over the two years.  This program will also have other benefits including strengthening the local food supply chain mitigating disruptions seen during Covid, increase access by students to more nutrient dense food as it is not traveling long distances, education of students about food and it will help keep farmers farming. This is a small investment with big impacts. I urge you to reject the Finance Committees recommendation and vote Ought to Pass on HB 1678. 
  1. HB 1678 is a bill that will only have beneficial impact in the state. It is an investment in kids, farms, and communities. I urge you to vote in favor of this bill.
  1. HB 1678 is a bill that will support a farm to school reimbursement pilot program, also called a local food purchasing incentive that will increase educational opportunities, support local farmers, and nourish communities. It is a small but worthwhile investment for the state to make as it will leverage 3 times the amount in Federal dollars that will go directly into the local economy and provide our kids with food from our farms. I urge you to vote in favor of this bill.
  1. HB 1678 Passed with amendments with a vote of 17-3 in the Education Committee. It passed in Division 1 Finance. It’s a bill that has bi-partisan support in both the House and Senate and is a win-win-win for kids, farms, and communities. It Ought to Pass! Please vote in favor of this bill.
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