Happy New Year! 2019 was a successful busy year for our group. To name just a few of the things that happened:

  • A great group of men and women represented the state of New Hampshire at FNCE. Mary Saucier Choate presented “Nutrition Professionals Strengthening Consumer Food Safety Behaviors” in the Public Health and Wellness track. Melissa Groves was named a 2019 Emerging Professional in Women’s Health and she was the recipient of an UpwaRD award from FoodMinds!
  • We had a very successful public policy meeting in Philadelphia.
  • We honored several dietitians for their accomplishments including Helen Costello, Jane Hackett, and Carole Palmer.
  • Our reimbursement representative Michelle Moreau CC, RDN, LD received training. Stay tuned for more details on this.
  • We had a successful Nutrition Focused Physical Exam Workshop in December. A special thank you to the team who planned it and to the members and non-members who attended.
  • Our Public Policy team attended the Nutrition and Dietetics Advocacy Summit in July.
  • Our professional development committee put on an amazing spring conference and also worked on planning our 2020 conference. Be sure to join us on April 17 in Concord!

For 2020 there are a few things to highlight from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

Do you know someone who is NOT a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics? Take a look at the Referral Program: Get a Member — Get a Dues Credit!

Are you a student graduating soon? The Academy’s Career Starter Dues Program offers reduced dues rates for members in their first five years of Active category membership eligibility. Dues increase incrementally each year for up to five years to help you get established in the profession!

Thank you for your dedication to our profession. You each bring unique skills to New Hampshire and New England. Believe in yourself and the good work that you do.

Wishing you success in 2020!

Alicia Armstrong RDN, LD, CDE
President – New Hampshire Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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