Victoria Overko Presented with 2023 Outstanding Dietetics Student Award

Tori is currently a 2nd year dietetic intern at the University of New Hampshire. She completed her undergraduate didactic program at Keene State College. Tori recognizes that the transition from undergraduate to graduate school comes with several learning curves and presents you with an opportunity to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Tori has been fortunate enough to have worked with and grown with a cohort of genuine and talented individuals. She worked as a teaching assistant for UNH’s introductory nutrition and wellness lab during her 1st year which strengthened her skills as a leader and educator. Down the road, becoming an adjunct professor is a potential area of interest for Tori

Tori had the opportunity to conduct research, publish her  abstract in the ASN Journal, and present her findings at the American Society for Nutrition Live Conference in 2022. By the end of her first year, after gaining some counseling experience and working with community members, Tori knew she valued that person-to-person interaction and wanted to explore outpatient practice more.

The 2nd year of the internship has allowed Tori to see her  place in the field. Each experience has allowed Tori to develop a new appreciation for the value of teamwork, communication, adaptability, and leadership. Internship  sites included the UNH dining hall, WIC, Southern New Hampshire University, The Works Family Health and Fitness Center, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and New Hampshire Hospital.

Tori acknowledges that her  opportunities are endless, and she is excited to see what the future holds.

Victoria Overko